Less Than Half of Data and Analytics Teams Are Effective, Gartner Survey: Do The Math

Data and Analytics Teams Effectiveness
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1 min read

Think about this quote. “Less than half of data and analytics (D&A) leaders (44%) reported that their team is effective in providing value to their organization”. – Gartner Survey*

It means that 56% of data and analytics leaders don’t believe what they do is effective. This is a mind blowing statistic. 

When you consider over $130 billion dollars is being spent on data scientist’s salaries that represents so much waste and burned capital. Business Intelligence and the salaries required to deliver that intelligence has ballooned to become one of the largest cost centers at Companies. This expense, by their own estimation, provides little effectiveness or value.

A quick snapshot of what salaries look like: even small Companies can easily have 10, 20, 30 of these data resources in-house, or through consulting firms. 

  • Avg. Salary: Data Scientist  / $250,000 annually
  • Avg. Salary: Data Engineer / $200,000 annually
  • Avg. Salary: Data Analyst   / $150,000 annually

Do the math… and stop burning capital on ineffective data teams. Full visibility across KPIs from every division is possible with true no-code, plug-n-play SQOR.ai. No data scientists, analysts, or engineers are required at all!


* Gartner Article

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